The SEPSI Dash

In 2018 we partnered with the non-profit organization Vintage Velo Neumarkt to take the Velo experience to a new level and go Transylvania-wide.

Yes, history was made on that day and the idea of #TheSepsiDash was born right then and there. The fairytale surroundings of the Gaál Kúria, Dálnok (Dalnic) hosted 80+ beautiful people on the 25th of August.

Together we:

  • rode out together from Saint George (special thanks to the local council and our friend Ambrus Zsombor for the police escort)
  • had a surprise lake-side pit stop with cold drinks waiting for us, courtesy of the amazing wunderBar crew
  • enjoyed a simply amazing venue with great food provided by the wonderful people at the Gaál Kúria, Dálnok and Zabola Estate, Transylvania (special thanks to Alexander Roy Chowdhury and Gregor Roy Chowdhury)
  • got into the vibe with some high quality Gipsy Swing – a stellar performance by Lady & The Tramps
  • got to show off our bikes and share their unique stories on the Parade of Dashingness
  • enjoyed perfectly prepared and served drinks, plus the cutest lights and decorations thanks to the amazing wunderBar crew
  • came together as a community to support a sick little boy from Zabola, sold over 100 Charity Sweepstakes tickets and raised 500+ RON for his medical care
  • and got to shake it to some eclectic grooves mixed exclusively from vinyl, courtesy of our friend KARAK.

For those of you that were there, thank you for sharing this amazing day (and the next morning) with us.

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