Bagoly Levi Talks About TCRNo7

The ultracyclist Bagoly Levente from Saint George (Sfântu Gheorghe), who participated on the 7th edition of the Transcontinental Race held on the route Burgas (Bulgaria) – Brest (France), finished the race of almost 4,000 kilometers in 12 and a half days, ranking 18th in the overall standings.

Bagoly Levente, a designer by profession, started on July 27 2019 in Burgas (Bulgaria), along with dozens of other cyclists from around the world, and reached the finish on Thursday afternoon in Brest (France).

He also took part in the Silk Road Mountain Race, held in 2018 in Kyrgyzstan, where he finished second after covering 1,725 kilometers in nine days, three hours and 30 minutes.

In 2017 he took part at the 5th edition of the Transcontinental Race, then held on the Belgium-Greece route, covering 3,998 kilometers in 12 days, 14 hours and 15 minutes.

We had the chance to invite him in our garden to talk about his experience in the race and everybody loved it!

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