Late '70s Italian track frame got a friendly, light green colour then built up with chrome Novatec, Weinmann, Campagnolo parts. The white components complete the aesthetics giving the bike a celestial character.

This bike changed its owner's mindset and in some measures made vocalcycle happen. That's why it's named Metanoia.

This is one of our first projects.

Parts and accessories

  • Classical Crane bell
  • Vocalcycle handlebar
  • Ambrosio bar tape
  • B17 Brooks saddles (flagship model)
  • Chrome Saccon levers
  • SunRinglé MTX rim
  • Axa Rock frame lock
  • Custom-made leather bags for 10L waterboxes
  • Carved TeaMobile logo
  • Chrome rivets and buckles
  • Oaken wainscoting
  • Lockable show-window
  • La Fantana Mini Water Cooler handles water-cooling and heating
  • Yamaha HS7 monitors relay

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