Ladies and gents, this is the bike couple of the most beloved vocal composition.

The gentle mélange of daily apparent complementary colours: earth's brown and the peaceful sky's blue are dominant besides the neutral grey parts. Shimano FF with Shimano Positron gear system, the BLB Basket, the slim Mavic rims plus light fenders makes this mixte cheerful and solid.

Parts and accessories

  • Classical Crane bell
  • Vocalcycle handlebar
  • Ambrosio bar tape
  • B17 Brooks saddles (flagship model)
  • Chrome Saccon levers
  • SunRinglé MTX rim
  • Axa Rock frame lock
  • Custom-made leather bags for 10L waterboxes
  • Carved TeaMobile logo
  • Chrome rivets and buckles
  • Oaken wainscoting
  • Lockable show-window
  • La Fantana Mini Water Cooler handles water-cooling and heating
  • Yamaha HS7 monitors relay

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